Education for a Better Future

Education is something that really important. Education is not only about learn so many subjects at school, but education is also about the lesson to develop ourselves to become a better peson. School is the place to get the education, it means that school have to teach us how to learn about the subjects and also teach us how to make our characters/personality better.In Indonesia, the people started to go to kindergarten, or maybe before that there is a pre-school class, and then go to Elementary School, Junior High School, Senior High School and last is The University. Why Education is really important? It is because mostly, the successful people are from the educated ones. So, some people said that you all have to smart first, or graduated from the best university first to become the successful person. But, personally, I do not agree with this opinion. I think, even you go to the best university in this country but you don’t enjoy it, or you don’t having your passion on that, you won’t be the successful person because it’s not only about what will you get on that university, it’s all about will you use it in a proper way? Or you only get it and just keep it for yourself or throw it away. I’m sure that the best university will give you the best matter or the best education, but these things will be useless if you can’t use or develop it to a better one. But I agree if they said that we have to become the smart person. Smart is not only good at math or biology but your are smart if you can develop your knowledge and use it in a right way. So, first you have to know what you passion is and then make sure it’s all that you want and just do it right because this is all your choice.

Education in Indonesia is not really good and also not really bad. Now, there are many schools were building for the poor ones. And now, good universites are not only taking the one who can pay much, but also taking the smart one even the person have no money. This is all good, because the poor ones are also deserve to get the education. And I think, that the poor ones can build a better future if they get the good education. They can applied for a job, or maybe become an interpreuneur and also become the successful person. So, we can use the education to build a better future. If we’re educated, we can help the government by reduce the jobless people with giving them the jobs, or we can making more schools for poor ones until all of the Indonesian were educated and can use their knowledge to give the positive effect for everyone.


Bakti Desa 2015!

Hi, right now, I want to tell you about my experience last week that is going to the village of Sukapura to follow the activity named “Bakti Desa”. This is a routine which is mandatory by grade 11 and implemented each year by my school. This activity lasted for 4 days and 3 nights. The entire students that there are divided to live in 3 different Hamlet, and my class get to stay in the hamlet of Sukamaju (Dusun Sukamaju). We left on Thursday, at 7 in the morning. We went to the village with the army truck. In our trucks, our class was merged with other acceleration class. This is very pleasant to sit together in the trucks. Although sometimes I feel surprised when this truck stopped suddenly or making jolts. We arrived at about 9 o’clock, and then we were directed to carry the luggage into the village hall sukapura. There we got a warm welcome from the head of the village of sukapura, and continued with lunch together in the village hall. After that, we were delivered to our homes. Thankfully, my class get the nearest hamlet of the village hall, so we don’t need a long way to get to the Houses. Oiya, in my group there are 4 girls, which are Felia, Ivy, Adri and I. My group get the home that far enough, and with a lot of this stuff, it makes us increasingly tired. Finally, we got to our home. Our adoptive parents are Pa Alit and Bu Elis. They have a home that is not too big but warm and also cozy. We spent that day to socialize with our adoptive parents and also with the neighbours around. In the afternoon, we play into existing gardens to see the beautiful scenery and take some photos.
The next day, Pa Alit already went to the garden early in the morning to harvest the carrots. We’d love to tag along to the garden. But it turns out that the garden of Pa Alit is far enough, so we decided to get together with neighbors who has the nearby garden .



Our Trip Our Adventure🐾

 That evening, we help our neighbors, namely Pa Abun to prepare food that he would sell tomorrow morning at an elementary school in the village. I had the pleasure of helping Pa Abun, Pa Abun is the person who very friendly and humorous. The next morning, we’d love to join Bu Elis to a morning run. We walked for an hour and half, and I know that we walk far enough:). On the way back home, we stopped in the garden in the next village to try to grow Chives. Our feet were very dirty since we took off our sandals. It’s really fun! We went home, and then get ready to the garden with our homeroom teacher to plant trees that have been prepared by our school. Oiya, here, we sometime help Bu Elis for cooking. We can make the sardines, fried rice, teriyaki chicken, etc. In the afternoon we had to already gathered in the field to open the Scouting activity. It was raining quite heavily, but we are ready with our raincoats and umbrellas. We walked together down to the field that is in the hamlet of Mekarsari. Because of the rain, the Scout activities somewhat stunted and then we were asked to got into the tent to discuss simple issues that happened in this village. But as the weather gets worse, and thick fog also already cover most of the field, all students are required to return to their respective homes. On the way back, my friends and I buying martabaks, toast, and meatballs to be brought to the home of my friend and gather together there. Because the rain was still coming down, some of us still stay at Thalita’s home. But some friends back home to put stuff. In the evening, we plan to make a MAKRAB (night of intimacy) at this home, because in Thalita’s home, there are enough room for us to get together. So, we called the boys to come and gathered together here. Not all of us can attend, there is one group that could not attend, but that night still feels good. We played truth or dare and from there , we began to be familiar and knowing each other better, because we have been able to be honest about things that we keep private before. We are all open to talk of any kind. We chatted so long, until the late night, 2 a.m.. Afterwards a few of us, including me, started to fall asleep and woke up at 4 a.m., as we remember that we had to gathered in the village hall at 6 to return to Bandung. At home, while we preparing our stuff, Bu Elis have prepared warm water to warm our body from the cold weather. Last night we didn’t go home and we’re sending a message to Bu Elis, So Bu Elis didn’t worry. After all of us ready, we gave souvenirs to Bu Elis and her family, and we also took some photos with her. We also don’t forget to stop by the Pa Abun’s home to farewell and take pics along Pa Abun. Bu Elis and Pa Alit bring us lots of gift in the form of vegetables. There are carrots, cauliflower, potatoes, tomatoes, etc. Pa Abun, Bu Elis, and Pa Enja (our neighbors too) drove us to the village hall and got us in the truck. We set off at 6 to Bandung and arrived safely at about 11 o’clock.

with Pa Abun😜


With Bu Elis and my friends(?) 😘

 Thanks to Bu Elis and Pa Alit who has taught us many things, Thanks to Pa Abun and Pa Enja over the experiences and jokes that you guys gave,its sometimes funny=)), Thank you Desa Sukapura, Thank You Bakti Desa 2015, thanks for this valuable experience!

Good Universities


The Bandung Institute of Technology or Institute of Technology, Bandung (Indonesian: Institut Teknologi Bandung, abbreviated as ITB) is a state, coeducational research university located in Bandung, Indonesia. Established in 1920, ITB is the oldest technology-oriented university in Indonesia.ITB was considered the top choice among Indonesia’s high school students in 2006 and has been credited as one of the most “prestigious” universities in Indonesia, together with University of Indonesia, and Gadjah Mada University.[4][5] Sukarno, the first president of the Republic of Indonesia, earned his engineering degree in civil engineering from ITB. More than that, B. J. Habibie, the third president of Indonesia also graduated with engineering degree in mechanical engineering from ITB. The university cultivates professional and social activities by supporting its students’ unions, the student government councils that exist in every department. Each students’ union has its own distinctly designed jacket that, among other traditions, serves as part of its member identity. There are also a number of student activity units/clubs supporting ITB student interests in rounding out their educational experience. It is not uncommon that the students and alumni are identified by the clubs to which they belong (or used to belong) at ITB, in addition to their class year and major. The university is a member of LAOTSE, an international network of leading universities in Europe and Asia exchanging students and senior scholars. Until 2015, ITB had some programs been internationally accredited from an independent United States of America accrediting institution, Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, where ITB is the only public university in Indonesia with this particular international accrediting institution. The seven study programs are Electrical Engineering, Informatics, Chemical Engineering, Engineering Physics, Industrial Engineering, Ocean Engineering, and Environmental Engineering.


(Padjadjaran University or UNPAD) is an institution of higher learning located in Bandung, which is the provincial capital of West Java, Indonesia. UNPAD was established on 11 September 1957, and officially opened by the President of Republic Indonesia Soekarno on the 24th of September 1957. When established, the university had four departments: Law, Economics, Medicine, and Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Now it has developed into 16 faculties and several postgraduate programmes, 44 undergraduate programmes (Strata 1/S1), two specialist programmes, nine doctorate programmes (Strata 3/S3), 19 Master’s degree programmes (Strata 2/S2), five profession programmes, one four-year diploma program (D4), and 32 three-year diploma programs (D3). Initially established in Bandung, almost all undergraduate departments have been relocated to Jatinangor, a town near Sumedang, except for the departments of Law and Economics. Postgraduate departments still have their teaching facilities in Bandung. For a time, Semaun was on the economics faculty.


Universitas Indonesia (UI) is a state university in Depok, West Java and Salemba, Jakarta, Indonesia. Universitas Indonesia is the oldest tertiary-level educational institution in Indonesia (known as the Dutch East Indies when UI was established). UI is generally considered as the most prestigious public university in Indonesia, along with Bandung Institute of Technology and Gadjah Mada University. UI has campuses in Salemba and Depok,. It has a lot of facilities such as mosque, health centre, sports stadium, gymnasium, outdoor facilities, Wisma Makara, Student Hall, Library, Dormitory, Campus bus, and also campus bike. The university consists of 14 faculties : Faculty of Medicine ,Faculty of Dentistry,Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics and Business, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Faculty of Computer Science, Faculty of Public Health, Faculty of Nursing, Faculty of Escort Services, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Postgraduate Program,Vocational Program

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My Dream Job (?)

Hi guys, just a moment longer I would have graduated from high school and continued my lessons to the University. But, till this second I still don’t know, what I want to do in the future, what talent I have and what faculty should I choose. My dream job when I was a kid was to be a doctor, why? Well, at that time, the doctor is a popular profession. So arguably I just “follow the trend”. When I start school in elementary and junior high school, I began to think what I have to be in the future, because in almost every form data sheet always contained table “future job”. My mom always said that “becoming a doctor is a good choice, it has a bright future. You can also help people who need health care service. You can help people who has a good life, I mean that they can afford to pay and you can make money from that or you can also help people who aren’t able to afford it, you will get the feedback not in this world but there in the place after we die”. I’m very confused now, to become a doctor is not easy, it is not a minute and also it is not cheap. I doubt I will be successful in running it. I often envied to my classmates who has known each of their talents. Some are good at drawing, good at design, good at math and good at programming, etc. And me? Hm I still confused and my time to decide is coming soon. However, in the meantime I would choose as a doctor. Because it is the dream of my mother who is not reached yet, and I hope I can make it happen. Because I don’t have my own. Aamiin.

Sunshine Becomes You by Ilana Tan

Sunshine Becomes You is the novel by Ilana Tan. It is her fifth novel. The novel tells the story of a sense of the life, struggles and sacrifices, as well as about love that gives reason to survive. Mia Clark, a dance teacher at a dance studio that is not notable. Alex Hirano, the brother of Ray Hirano and a famous pianist, who is on a one day visit the dance studio. All goes well until all of a sudden he hit by Mia Clark who has been dropped from the top of the stairs. Alex’s hands broken and his hand could not be in use for several months and also he had to cancel all his concerts. Mia Clark who feel guilty, then volunteered to be a “Janitor” for Alex Hirano. Alex Hirano ever receive Mia Clark as “janitor”. Initially, Alex Hirano pretend Mia Clark as the Dark Angel (maybe something like evil that bring bad things). Because every time Mia Clark is nearby, he felt Mia Clark will harm him again. However, gradually, Alex Hirano began to realize something. Something happen unusual, his body felt different every time Mia Clark is nearby. Yes, he begins to realize that he needs this girl. When Alex Hirano already declared his feelings to Mia Clark, comes another reality. Alex Hirano’s hand already recover and Mia Clark finish her task of being a “janitor”. But as it turns out, that Mia Clark suffered a heart disease. Another challenge emerged when Mia Clark wanted to dance again on stage. And, for the last time, she can dance like a dancer, before she really can not dance again for good. As such, the the sequence-sequence of stories of Mia Clark. Her love life and her health was further weakened everyday. Until she finally had to get a heart transplant and leaving the world forever. The most obviously grieving was Alex Hirano. He was always there beside Mia Clark and he loved Mia Clark very much. But he does not know yet whether Mia’s feeeling is same as his feeling. Until at last he found a tape which is containing about any recognition of Mia Clark. In the video, she said that she really thanked to the day that she had, where she first met with Alex Hirano, grateful for all of the things that’s Alex Hirano have done and given to Mia Clark, and grateful for loving herself. This novel take on the basis of a simple story, but strung together with the right and beautiful words. The novel has a surprising end and makes us come along late in the story.


“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” 

-Mother Teresa (Christianity)-

Peace doesn’t mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hardwork. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart. Peace can’t exist if that only one man work for it. Peace could be exist if there are helps from many people. Helps from the people that think not only about theirselves but more caring about others. Peace was there when the silence still feels comfortable. Each person needs peace. Life would be wonderful if there were peace. Peace has been gifted for us when we’re born. God has given us the peace since then. Then, is our world now is an example of peaceful world? a peaceful world is a world without strife, without fighting, and without war. In our world, there are still a lot of wars and bloodshed happened.

Why all those things happen? I think, We are born not only with peace, but by having ego. A person with good personality, will be able to control his/her ego, so it doesn’t harm anyone. But we all know that everyone is not the same. There are people who don’t want to change theirselves or, change their ego. and they’re only concerned with their business and their group. Without completely thinking about others.
The meaning of the quote that I choose is there was not “no peace”. There was a peace. But we are often forget the important facts that we live together as social beings who need others. And with other people, the peace will growing.


How to be a good leader? 

To begin the school year, now organizations in my school began a cadre recruitment to select new leaders for their organizations. Being a leader isn’t easy. Because of that the recruitment took quite long time to choose at least 3 candidates which is worth to become one of the leader. Leader is someone who could set the direction and help themselves and others to do the right thing to move forward. Then, what characteristic that quite important for being a leader? I’ll be explaining my opinion about it now.
First, leaders need honesty. Honesty is important. We can judge one person is a good person of how he/she saying honestly, thinking honestly and acting honestly. Similarly with the leader. A good leader is the one that has the honest attitude. Because with the honest attitude, surely the result of all the things will be good.
Second, Leaders need high responsibility. After having the honest attitude , another thing that important is having a responsibility. Leaders are people who lead others, she/he is not only led one man, but she/he must also be able to lead a lot of people. The task of a leader is not easy and not too little. To finish those tasks, they need an attitude of responsibility accompanied a great time management in order to generate maximum results.
Third, Leaders need to have a good communication. The last thing that I think is important is having a good communication. When there is a leader, surely, there are some people to lead, and on that point, we need a good communication between a leader with followers(or members/some people). Because in an organization, they supposed to have an agreement that already be decided by all the members. That is the time when a good communication was needed on joining or even leading a discussion. 
So, being a leader is not easy, but it’s not impossible for everyone to become a leader. By growing important attitudes, we can certainly be a good and useful leader for everyone.
So, these are all of my opinions about the characteristic of leaders that i think important, thank you for reading!